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MyPropertyGreece is the specialist property portal dedicated to increasing your property sales in Greece to foreign buyers.

MyPropertyGreece connects you with buyers from the UK, Europe, and elsewhere in the world who are searching for Greek property right now.

Our team at MyPropertyGreece is fluent in both English and Greek, has a proven track record marketing Greek property, and knows how to find foreign buyers, how to communicate with them, and how to get the best results for you

MyPropertyGreece generates qualified leads, not simply enquiries, using a wide variety of marketing programs and so connects you to serious property buyers and investors across the world.

Payment options

MyPropertyGreece gives you the choice of a commission share or a monthly subscription so you can decide how you manage your online marketing budget.

Leads are generated when a potential buyer expresses interest specifically in one of your property listings.

Payment option 1 - Commission Share

Pay only for results. You pay a commission of 1% of the selling price (minimum 1000.00 euros) when a lead introduced by us buys one of your properties.

Payment option 2 - Subscription

Unlimited property listings and unlimited leads for a fixed fee of 50.00 euros per month. No setup fees, no commission. Minimum term 3 months payable in advance.

Property listings

Whether you choose Payment option 1 or Payment option 2 you can

  • List an unlimited number of properties with detailed descriptions and photographs.
  • Receive leads directly to your email address.
  • Manage your properties through our easy-to-use FREE online property management system 24 hours a day.

You can add and update your property listings in 2 easy ways:

1. Online - use our FREE online property management tool to easily add and manage your property listings.

2. Data Feed - we accept feeds from, so if you already have an XML2U feed we can accept it FREE. If not, you can get an automatic daily feed of your property listings from your website to us for a small monthly fee.

Sign up now

Start receiving leads from MyPropertyGreece immediately - it's easy to open your account.

Just choose the payment option you prefer. Let us know if you want an XML2U Data Feed or if you already have one. We will take it from there.

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Enhanced advertising

Stand out from other agents by enhancing your online marketing with a range of additional services that can increase your sales leads

1. Enhanced Property Listings

Featured Property - have selected properties included in Featured Properties on the Home Page

Spotlight Property - have selected properties highlighted in the Search Results  

2. Property Listings Distribution

Have your listings automatically distributed to our network of partner sites

3. Email Campaigns

Promote your property or service via email to our subscribers. Our highly targeted email campaigns will match your property for sale with serious buyers and get your property details directly into the inbox of potential buyers.

Earn commission

Working with MyPropertyGreece can also generate additional income for you.

Simply refer foreign buyers and owners to MyPropertyGreece.

If they choose any of the comprehensive range of property-related services we offer, you will receive a commission.

Premium Partner Program

For selected agents who join our Premium Partner Program MyPropertyGreece will work closely on a commission-share basis to find buyers

Premium Partners benefit from additional qualified leads generated from a variety of referral partners, targeted email campaigns, and other sources for properties in their location.

MyPropertyGreece manages the customer relationship as the main point of contact and relies on the Premium Partner to provide local support and expertise.

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