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Date: 20/03/2019

Tax Matters in Greece

Tax Declarations

All foreign citizens must file an annual tax return (form E1) from the year that they have a Greek tax roll number (AFM) irrespective of whether or not they are liable to pay tax. In some cases, further tax declarations such as forms E2, and E3 are also required. They must also to declare Greek property they own, acquire, sell or otherwise dispose of by filing an E9 Property Declaration.

Don't delay as there are penalties for late submission and you will not be permitted to complete any transactions involving your property if your tax affairs are not up to date.

Mandatory Electronic Filing

All tax returns must be submitted online. If you are not already registered the procedure to enable the electronic filing of your tax returns involves two steps:

The first step is to enter the Greek Ministry of Finance web site to obtain access codes (user name and password)

The second step is to visit the appropriate Greek tax office to obtain a special key which is used to activate the account.

For those who cannot or do not wish to visit Greece the procedure can be completed by giving a limited power of attorney to one of our accountants.

Let us help....

If you are not up to date with your filings or even if you have never filed a Greek tax return we can help you bring your tax affairs up to date.

The Greek tax system is complicated and changing rapidly so it is important that an accountant prepares and files your Greek tax return, particularly, if you are not fluent in Greek.

If you don't want the worry and stress of dealing directly with the Greek tax authority or for that matter a Greek accountant join the many satisfied users of our Tax Return Filing Service.

Your Greek tax affairs will be brought up to date, kept current and you will receive advice and guidance you can rely on.

A few words follow from a client who purchased a property in Halkidiki in 2004 as a holiday home, but due to a combination of poor advice at the time of purchase and his subsequent oversight did not complete annual tax returns. He was left with a complicated problem with his Greek tax affairs and the prospect of a very large tax bill that was only going to get worse if he didn't take action to resolve it.

"Within a few hours of enquiring about the Tax Filing Service, using the simple contact form on, I was speaking on the phone and was on the way to resolving - in a matter of weeks - a problem with my Greek tax affairs that had previously taken me years to get nowhere with!So if like me you want the peace of mind dealing with a UK based company and English-speaking professionals who have the local contacts that will navigate the system and bureaucracy on your behalf, then I'd say just get in contact with I'm sure you won't regret it. And you will soon be safe in the knowledge that you won't need to use up your valuable holiday time dealing with the tax man too!" Matthew Cunningham, United Kingdom

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