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Tax Matters

Personal Taxation Service

Every year your tax affairs in Greece must be kept up to date. This applies to all owners including those who live outside Greece irrespective of whether or not they have an income in Greece.

If your tax affairs are not up-to-date you can face fines and additional taxes and the tax office will not permit you to undertake many transactions involving your property including selling it.

Often communications by email and telephone with Greek professionals are either unanswered or not followed up and to assume that all is well because you have heard nothing is dangerous. On the other hand to check everything is impossible if you are unfamiliar with the rules and cannot speak Greek. For most it is only at the time of a transaction such as a sale that problems are exposed.

If you want a thorough and reliable service or are one of the many with problems or with tax returns that are not up to date we can help.

Our service will take care of your tax affairs in Greece wherever you are in the world and wherever your property is in Greece.

We will submit your income tax return every year, we will inform you by email of relevant tax changes, we will advise you of any tax issues by email or telephone and we will inform you of your tax bills and tax liabilities. If you wish, we can also pay your taxes on your behalf. We will send you reminders and we will check everything so that you don't have to. All communications will be in simple and straightforward English.

Our thorough and reliable full service accounting and taxation office is led by a very experienced senior accountant holding an 'A' class certified public accountant's licence.

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